stage 1

La Val Prampér and Van de Zità

Van De Zita - Roberto De Pellegrin
variation stage 1

Forno di Zoldo – Rif. Pian de Fontana

stage 1 Forno di Zoldo - Rif. Pramperet
  • 8:00
  • 15,3km
  • 1580mt
  • 800mt
utility numbers
Forno Di Zoldo+39 0437 789145Malga Pramper+39 329 7862899Rifugio Pramperet0437 1956153 Rifugio Pian De Fontana+39 0437 1956135+39 335 6096819 Emergency number112
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Fitter hikers may wish to spend their first night at the Pian de Fontana mountain hut and have lunch at rifugio Pramperét, the previous stop-over location.

The distances and times involved are not unreasonable for hikers who can leave Forno di Zoldo early in the morning.

This means that in one day, it’s possible to pass through breathtaking and very diverse landscapes – from the pastureland of Val Pramper to Van di Zità’s lunar landscape.

In the summer months, a shuttle bus operates between Pian de la Fopa and Malga Pramperét. For prices and schedules, browse the Zoldo Bus website.

Technical description

Follow the instructions as described in STAGE 1 until you reach the rifugio Pramperét.

From the rifugio Pramperét, continue on CAI trail 514, which takes you on a long traverse to the south and climbs up to Portèla del Piazedèl (2097m).

At this point you’ll enter a wide scree cirque, which the trail crosses as it climbs towards the peaks of Cime de Zità. It then goes around the Cima di Mezzo (2451 m) until it arrives at the southern side of the pass, Forcella de Zità. Shortly after, you’ll begin the descent to the grassy Van de Zità de Fora.
Then, at the other end of the grasslands, the last section of the trail down becomes steeper and arrives at the Pian De Fontana mountain hut (1632 m).

Rifugi e punti di appoggio