stage 1

La Val Prampér

Val Pramper - Roberto De Pellegrin
stage 1

Forno di Zoldo – Rif. Pramperet

variation Forno di Zoldo - Rif. Pian de Fontana
  • 4:00
  • 9,3km
  • 1050mt
  • 0mt
utility numbers
Forno Di Zoldo+39 0437 789145Malga Pramper+39 329 7862899Rifugio Pramperet0437 1956153 Emergency number112
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Forno di Zoldo is the starting point of the trek. Before you set off, though, we recommend that you make time to enjoy an ice cream. It’s a speciality exported across the world by the master ice cream-makers in this valley.

As you leave the built-up area, you’ll be immersed in a little-populated area which will take you through the marvellous Val Pramper. The Spiz de Mezzodì peak and the Prampèra stream will accompany you as far as Malga Pramper hut, where you can eat and if necessary, even stay the night.

As you ascend towards the Pramperét Mountain Hut, you’ll see the view over the Dolomiti Bellunesi.
Remember to take a break as the Castello di Moschesin and Cima Pramper summits come into view in front of you. Behind you, there is the majestic Pelmo summit to be admired, standing to the north.

Technical description

From Forno di Zoldo, cross the Maè stream and follow the signposts for Rifugio Sommariva al Pramperét. At the second hairpin bend, join the Val Prampér road.

Continue along the partly asphalted road. Pass a small artificial pool on the right (1128 m) and continue until you reach Pian de la Fòpa (1200 m).

Stay on the road marked as CAI trail 523 up to Pian dei Palui (1480 m). Then follow the easy unpaved road that leads as far as the mountain hut, Malga Prampér (1540 m).

As an alternative to the unpaved road, you can follow an unnumbered trail, as marked on the GPX track. The trail departs from the unpaved road about a kilometre after the start and leads left upwards through the woods as far as Pian dei Palui. From here, you can join the unpaved road again or continue on the trail until you reach the back of Malga Prampér. Be aware that you may have to ford the stream.

The route for the mountain hut is the one that leads directly from the Malga, signposted as CAI trail 523. After a wide area of screes, it ascends again with a few turns through the woods and comes out in the broad, grassy hollow at Pra’ de la Vedova. After a few minutes, you’ll reach the Pramperét Mountain Hut.

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