• 7 days in the heart of the
    National Park of the Belluno Dolomites

    Forcella dell'Omo - Roberto De Pellegrin
  • Discover this corner of
    wilderness in the Dolomites

    La Schiara - Roberto De Pellegrin
  • Discover the route
    and create your own stages

    Segnavia lungo la Val Slavinaz - Roberto De Pellegrin

The Belluno

The Alta Via in the Belluno Dolomites is a trek made up of 7 stages, which passes across the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park, including some of the most wild and unpopulated areas of the Dolomites.

The trek requires sure-footedness and experience in the mountains because of the considerable changes in altitude, limited services, basic mountain huts and exposed trails.

Together, these elements make for a truly authentic experience, the discovery of mountain wilderness, far from mass tourism.

  • 1400
    species of flowers to discover
  • 6360
    m total climb
  • 110
    kilometres of trail to tread

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Three companies with one common objective: to spotlight and protect one of the few unpopulated areas of the Dolomites. To achieve their goal they have embraced a hiking philosophy that promotes responsible tourism and concern for the environment.

Three travel companions, three custodians of this wild corner of the Dolomites.

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  • Karpos was founded in the foothills of the Dolomites, the incredible World Heritage Site encompassing the magnificent beauty of these mountains. This tricky and unpredictable environment can offer a deep sense of achievement. Karpos’ foremost aim, though, is not just about conquering summits, but about sharing the mountain experience with nature lovers and supporting hikers in their adventures.
    Collaboration with Karpos

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The conception and design of DOLPI glasses comes from local craftmanship, from wood working and eyewear manufacture.

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