stage 6

Crossing the Vette Feltrine

Passo Finestra - Roberto De Pellegrin
stage 6

Rifugio Boz – Rifugio Dal Piaz

  • 7:30
  • 13,2km
  • 990mt
  • 750mt
utility numbers
Rifugio Boz+39 0439 64448Rifugio Dal Piaz+ 0439 9065+ 329 3647428 Emergency number112
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The scenery changes dramatically here, as spectacular ridges and grassy ledges lead to the deep, broad glacial valleys of the Vette Feltrine. The succession of hollows, or “Buse”, are a treasure trove of rare botanical species.

Part of this stage runs inside a fully protected nature reserve, which means that you must stay on the trail. This is not just a requirement but a conscious choice that will help preserve such incredible diversity of flora and fauna.

Let yourself be mesmerised by the magnificent blooming in the “Busa delle Vette”

In this part of the trek too, it’s not difficult to be surrounded by herds of chamois and mouflon, as they chase after each other among the peaks in the range. They can often be spotted in the first hours of daylight.

It’s a place rich in history and legends – devils, witches, sledges full to the brim with ice, partisans – and the memory of Bill Tilman, who was enchanted by this place.

Technical description

From the Boz mountain hut, follow CAI path 801 towards Passo Finestra. From here, if you look to your right, you can see the tracks that lead up to the mountain peaks of Zoccarè Alto and across a gap, Sasso Scàrnia further away.

Having skirted the southern face of Sasso Scàrnia, you’ll come to a trail on the left that leads down towards the Scarnia pass. At the intersection, follow the well-defined route uphill to reach the saddle near Mount Ramézza (2250 m).

From this point, you’ll reach Passo Piétena passing through the breathtaking “Piaza del Diaol”, a fully-protected reserve area.

As you walk out of the Reserve area, you’ll join the military dirt road that leads to the Giorgio dal Piaz mountain hut through the Busa delle Vette.

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