stage 4

Piani Eterni

Piani Eterni - Lorenzo Kleinschmidt
stage 4

Pian Falcina – Erera Brendol

Following the Vaia storm, the route was diverted onto an asphalted provincial road, where there are numerous unlit tunnels. We therefore recommend booking a private transfer or contacting the manager of Pian Falcina for a transfer to the Patine bridge. In any case, it is necessary to equip oneself with a headlamp to tackle this part of the route independently.
  • 7:30
  • 19km
  • 1430mt
  • 160mt
utility numbers
Pian FalcinaPatrizio De Biasi 348 415 2619Casera Campotorondo+39 0437 944830Malga Erera+39 348 953 1944 Emergency number112
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This trail leads you through uninhabited mountains and unveils their wealth of treasure.

The road along the shores of Lago di Mis, will take you to the natural hollows gouged from the rocks by the water, known as Cadini del Brenton. By following a short detour, you can enjoy the power released by the waterfall, called Cascata della Soffia.

The route continues along an old road which reminds us of the valley’s busy life as a mining location. The area now owes its name, California, to the gold rush of those bygone days.

When the mines were closed down in the 1960s, nature took over and it’s still reclaiming the previously inhabited villages.

Once you have left these dwellings behind, you’ll climb upwards to reach the plateau, Piani Eterni.

This is a grassland area at an altitude of 1,700 m.

The Piani Eterni are a world apart, a meadow at 1,700 m, where cows and horses graze and mingle with deer, mouflon and chamois, which have come down from the peaks that surround this unique land.

Technical description

From Pian Falcina follow the road that leads into the valley. After 8.8 km, you’ll reach the small village of Titele, near the bridge on the left.

Cross the bridge and continue along the dirt track as far as the village of Pattine where you’ll join trail 802.

A steep climb will then begin, which will become a little less steep as you arrive at the Casera Vallon clearing.

Stay on trail number 802, to reach the wide meadows at Val de Menegaldo and then arrive at the Campotorondo Bivouac, which may be used as an emergency mountain hut offering accommodation for 12 self-sufficient hikers.

It’s recommended that you continue as far as the pass, Forcella Pelse (1847 m above sea level) – the highest point of this stage and then descend to the magnificent high plateau, Piani Eterni. Malga Erera is there, which can provide food and overnight accommodation in the winter bivouac, if booked in advance.

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