stage 3

Monti del Sole

Lago del Mis - Roberto De Pellegrin
stage 3

Rifugio Bianchet – Pian Falcina

We recommend avoiding the Via degli Ospizi route due to the presence of tall grass and many ticks. In this stretch the GPS does not pick up well so the track is not very precise. As a solution, we suggest taking the bus on the Agordina state road (Loc. La Muda) and arriving at Peron, where there is a bridge to cross the River Cordevole and reach San Gottardo.
  • 8:00
  • 27km
  • 830mt
  • 1640mt
utility numbers
Rifugio Furio Bianchet+39 335 6446975+39 0437 669226Pian FalcinaPatrizio De Biasi 348 415 2619 Emergency number112
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Monti del Sole is the wildest region of the National Park. Only a few local experts know how to find their way into and around it by following the ancient paths made by mountaineers and hunters.

The trail gets around these imposing and impenetrable valleys by following the ancient Via dei Ospizi, which is where wayfarers negotiating their way through the Valle del Cordevole in the Middle Ages found a sheltered route.

The trail goes up and down and brings you to the monastery, Certosa di Vedana, where there are still cloistered nuns. The trail passes a few villages and leads you to the entrance of the Valle del Mis and its lake.

This is a lengthy stage and is actually transitional, as it crosses the Cordevole and brings you to the higher, south-western region of the Park.

Technical description

From the Bianchet Mountain Hut you’ll follow trail number 503, which leads, after about 2 hours (9 km), to Val Vescovà and then finally descends to the Val del Cordevole at Pinei.

At this point, you’ll have to use the regional road SR 203 Agordina, for a short distance. After just about 1.2 km of tarmac, you’ll be immersed in one of the wildest sections of the park. Around the village of La Muda – where you can eat at the refreshment bar, Ristoro San Martino – you’ll cross the Cordevole by the footbridge that leads to the small village of Agre.

At the other end of the bridge, turn left and follow the signs for La Via degli Ospizi – The Route of the Hospices. (Turning right takes you on the northern optional route that skirts the Monti del Sole.)

Make sure you stay on the main trail – don’t be misled by the red dots used to indicate maintenance tracks for the electricity transmission lines.

You’ll cross a number of side valleys and pass under a waterfall – be cautious on the steps cut into the rock and make use of the safety rope. As you approach Val Fagarè, you’ll cross a narrow ford and reach the village of San Gottardo.

Here, take the Country Churches Trail – Sentiero delle Chiesette, up the hill as far as Rosse Alte. Then descend towards the main road, SP della Valle del Mis. At this point, follow the signs for Valle del Mis until you reach the snack bar with overnight accommodation at Pian Falcina.


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