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Rifugio Pian De Fontana

Pian De Fontana - Marco Tonet

The Pian de Fontana Mountain Hut is located at the head of the Val dei Ross, on the steep eastern slopes of Monte Talvena, at the foot of the breath-taking glacial hollows of Van de Zità.

It’s a resting place for hikers walking along the Dolomites’ Alta Via no. 1 which leads towards Belluno passing over the Forcella La Varetta and Schiara passes. Developed from the Malga Pian de Fontana cattle shelter, its stables now house the kitchen and refectory, while the dairy farm buildings serve as dormitories.

This high-quality restoration work allows visitors to enjoy the original features of this kind of building and its construction.

The hut is part of the «Fossil-free Park» project and only uses renewable energy sources, including micro hydropower and photovoltaic systems.

Rifugio Pian di Fontana offers 24 beds, with an extra eight places for emergency shelter.