Rifugio Boz

Located in Neva within the Cimonega group, the Bruno Boz Mountain Hut is within the Cesiomaggiore municipality. Set in a stunning hollow of alpine pastureland at an altitude of 1718 metres on the south-west Sass de Mura mountainside, Rifugio Boz is also the starting point for all the hiking routes in the Cimònega Dolomite group.

Originally known as the Bruno Boz Bivouac, it was built on the ruins of the old Nevetta hut by a group of volunteers coordinated by CAI Feltre with the support of the Mezzano and Cesiomaggiore Municipal Councils, as well as the Cadore Alpine Brigade. However, it was almost completely destroyed by the torrential storms of 4th November 1966.

The mountain hut was opened in 1970 and underwent improvement repeatedly until 2010, when 40th anniversary of its opening was celebrated.

The hut is dedicated to Bruno Boz, a mountaineer and member of CAI Feltre, who fell to his death in the vicinity of Passo Alvis during a hunting trip.

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