Casera Campotorondo

For centuries, Malga Campotorondo was the property of the Cathedral Chapter of Feltre. Then it was lent to the Feltre people, while the Gosaldo families (Masoch, Ren) managed the meadows and lower woodlands in the Vallone di Campotorondo.

Campotorondo also used to have large open stables which were 75 metres long. Although in ruins today, they provided pasture for some 200 cattle until the early 1970s.

The area is now state-owned. The Italian State Forestry Corps, with support from the National Park, has looked after the restoration of these buildings. One of the buildings is a forest supervision shelter, whereas the other is an unattended bivouac that can provide overnight accommodation to eight hikers.

When it was opened in 2003, the bivouac was named after Vittorio Gozzer (1918-2000), the university professor and partisan who participated, with English Major H.W. Tilman, in the Second World War allied mission of providing arms and equipment to the Italian partisan forces.

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