1930 m

Bivacco Feltre

Biv. Feltre W. Bodo - Stefano Zannini

Bivacco Feltre is a bivouac named after Walter Bodo, the President of the local CAI Club who died in the Feltre Alps in 1963. It now belongs to CAI Feltre.

It consists of two sheet-metal buildings. The smaller, and older of the two was built in 1959 and houses four camp beds, a small table and a few chairs. The larger was built in 1972 and is more welcoming and comfortable. It has tiled floors and is divided into two rooms which host 17 beds with mattresses and blankets. Its wide veranda has two large tables with benches.

Water is carried by pipes to the bivouac area but can also be found in ponds a 10 minutes’ hike to the north-west.

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